War on Women Again

War on Women (again)

Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness  act.  Oh how evil!  Those mean Republicans.  They want women to make less than men.  They don’t want to be fair. This is just more of the Republicans declaring war on women:  they just want women unemployed, paid less, barefoot and pregnant (without contraceptives) blah, blah, blah.

Here are the facts:  first, the Paycheck Fairness (for women) act was defeated in 2010, when Democrats controlled both the house and senate.  This was because the fair pay act should actually be called the “class action lawyers welfare act”.  Not that I have anything against lawyers who sue people, but let’s tell the truth here.  Women make as much as men in every category except women with young children.  Single women, without kids, make as much money as men.  Women, with grown children, make as much as men.  But women with at- home kids, often work fewer hours, want more flexibility in their hours, and work more lower paying part times jobs, by their choice.  There have been quite a few studies debunking the “women make 77% as much as men” statistics.  When apples to apples are the comparison, there is no difference.

Second, there are already laws against discriminating against women;  Just as there laws making it unlawful to discriminate against blacks, Muslims, old people, Polish people, and many more categories.  How this works is that the plaintiff must make a prima facia case.  That is, plaintiffs must show a disparity in hiring, advancement ,or wages, then the burden of proof shifts to the employer to prove the absence of discrimination.  The Paycheck Fairness act changes this. It requires employers to maintain documentary evidence as to why there is ever a wage difference (thus shifting the burden of proof at trial).  In other words, it may make employers less likely to hire women in child bearing years, but it does give trial lawyers an advantage. The Paycheck Fairness  act may hurt women to the benefit of trial lawyers (like me—and trust me, I don’t need any help).

Third, this is just a political stunt.  A no less conservative rag than the Washington Post states:

Ed O’Keefe, Published: June 4The Washington Post

“Democrats will bring to the Senate floor on Tuesday the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that is supposed to help close the wage gap between men and women.

The measure will fail, as intended, because at its core it is not so much a legislative vehicle as a political one intended to embarrass Republicans and help President Obama and congressional Democrats with female voters in November.”

So for all you nincompoops who thought this was about women, YOU’VE BEEN PLAYED, yet again, by the Democrats and Obama.  So does that make you feel used and stupid?  Well it should.  Just think about this:  fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me. How many more times before the election do you think Obama will try to fool you?

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