Voter ID Laws are unfair?

The Justice Department is challenging the State of Texas for their Voter ID law.  So, the Obama Administration is spending our tax dollars to litigate the issue with Texas, which will have to use tax dollars to defend the law, to protect voters without ID.

Who is the administration protecting?  Those without any ID.  Who would this be?

Someone with no drivers license, no job, no checking account, no home or apartment, no food stamps, no welfare, no Medicaid or Medicare.

Or do they want to protect some Acorn criminal that is showing up to vote for someone else, and does not have an ID under that voter's name.  Or do they want to protect a non citizen who does not have an ID entitling them to vote?

Can the Obama Team find one legal voter hurt by this law?

Oh, and by they way, the US Supreme Court has already ruled that Voter ID laws are legal, so isnt's this just a phenomenal waste of time and money?

I have a simple proposal:  when someone without an ID shows up to vote, let them.  But lets take their fingerprints and a photo, so they can get a picture ID.  Lets then check the fingerprint database, and maybe some facial recognition software (Facebook does this), to see if this is some other person.  If they are, charge them with voter fraud,  Now if this "intimidates the poor", we know who the administration is really trying to protect:  criminals.

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