Rich Guy Update

In my video, Rich Guy talks to Obama, I suggest that Obama can raise our tax rates, but may not raise revenue.  I see where Mark Zuckerberg just reduced his Facebook salary to $1/year (like many other rich guys) He may very well never pay taxes again.  Whether his income tax rates are 35% or 50% or 100%, Zuckerberg may very well pay zip.  Oh my, how can this be?  Article

I wonder what Chuck Schumer will want to do.  Funny, but the Democrats want to do nothing about illegals crossing into the US, but they want to pass a law to keep an internet gazillionaire from EVER coming back to USA to spend any of his money. What is Chuck going to do?  Build a fence?

Chuck was so mad at Eduardo Saverin, that you would think that he stole Chuck’s money.  I guess in his Chuck’s mind, this was Chuck's money—Chuck had probably already decided how he could spend it to buy votes.

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