Reasons to Vote Obama

Reasons to vote against Obama

We have all become so used to bad news, that for some reason, we now think unemployment falling to 8.2 % is great.  How did we get here?  So much bad news and missteps have made us immune to the crappy economy.  The new normal is high unemployment, so anything is a positive.  So, to remind people of what we have put up with, and may have forgotten, here are the following Obama problems:


Reaction to BP oil spill

Gas prices


No immigration reform

The stimulus


Bond down grade



No budgets for 3 years

Gulf moratorium

Food Price inflation

Keystone pipeline


Green jobs


Shovel ready jobs

Fiscars and Volt

Fast and Furious

Border drug violence

Fail to support Iran Dissidents

Support of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt


Support for Occupy Wall Street

Iran Nuclear ambitions

Missile defense whispers to Russians

Contraception mandate to the church

Bullying the Supreme Court

2010 elections losses

NLRB blocking Boeing Factory

College tuitions

Suing Arizona

Leading from behind

GSA waste


In all fairness, there are reasons to support Obama’s reelection:


Sings well


Got Bin Ladin

Smarter than Joe Biden

Other than the whole Bin ladin thing, he is no more qualified than Justin Bieber.  Okay, I guess Obama was at least born here.

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