Obama's Welcome Mat

Obama’s welcome mat

The United States Supreme Court, in an 8-0 opinion upheld the most controversial provision of Arizona’s SB1070: the ability of law enforcement to ascertain the immigration status of those arrested or stopped for other legal violations.  This was the part of the law most derided by the left as leading to racial profiling:  arresting everyone who is brown (even though 35% of Arizona’s population and the same number of the police, are Hispanic); because “reasonable suspicion” is such a murky standard (even though every cop can tell you what a Terry stop is under Terry vs Ohio); and because Arizona is such a racist place.

After the opinion, and In quick succession, the DHS pulled the cooperation between the Feds and local law enforcement here in AZ, and then announced the ICE will not come and get anyone arrested by local police. The justice department has even published a hotline number to report police abuse.  So Obama is telling Arizona there will be no state enforcement of immigration laws.  Obama to Arizona: get lost.  More than that, Obama is telling people on the other side of the border to come on in.  Illegals, drug cartel members, terrorists, welcome to the USA via the Tucson sector.  No fence, and no law enforcement except for the dispirited Border Patrol, that apparently, the Justice Department does not care whether they are killed by Fast and Furious weapons.

This is the same Obama who killed comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 while he was in the Senate.  This reform was  introduced  by Bush (remember the good old days when presidents actually did something) and championed by Ted Kennedy and John McCain.  The same Obama who had both houses of Congress for two years and did nothing about immigration reform, and the same Obama who jokes about the border while people die. The same Obama who just pulls election year edicts and stunts.

 What happens, and it will, when Phoenix PD or Sherriff Joe stops someone and Obama says let ‘em go, (and while you’re at it, report the cop to DOJ)  And then that illegal kills someone.  What happens then—the mainstream media will ignore it, Nancy Pelosi will say people are critical of Obama because he is Black, or people want to stop Holder’s voter suppression law suits.  But someone will still be dead, and some family will still grieve.

What are we to do in Arizona?  Are we just to arm ourselves?  Well, I have a plan.  I first suggested this two years ago:  Probably cheaper than 1070, and more effective.  If a person is stopped, and they are illegal, they will immediately be put on a bus to San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, NY or Boston.  Let the liberals take care of them.  Actually, I will modify my plan now.  Make it more liberal, more compassionate.  Let’s put bus stations on the border.  If you are in Mexico and want to come to America, Obama welcomes you.  Walk across, and Arizona will bus you to one of these cities.  If you are a drug dealer,  so what.  If you can prove that you have a fast and furious gun (just having an assault weapon, and say it is an FF gun, that’s enough) then you will get an extra $100 for ammo.  After all, Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago and the other liberal utopias are pretty dangerous places.  You will need your gun.  You can get a job there and displace an American worker, or get welfare there—pushing those cities into bankruptcy even faster, or commit crimes there, just get the hell out of Arizona.  Oh and if you are a jihadist, you are welcome too.  Just go to Washington.  Maybe we could give you $500 for “equipment”.  I bet I could even get some donations just for this program.

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