Obama's Records

Obama’s Sealed Records.

Conservatives have been asking for Obama’s college transcripts and his passport records.  These are sealed.  Is this just a fishing expedition like Romney’s tax records?  Not exactly.  Obviously, Obama might want his College records sealed because of poor grades (We already know he flunked Econ 101, if he took it) But it may be more than this.

First, consider: Why would Obama want his passport records sealed?  What would his passport records show? Pretty much, it would show where he has been, and for how long:  Maybe a trip to Cuba; Or to Iran; Or perhaps worse.  Perhaps it would show nothing.  We know Obama traveled as a youth. If his passport records didn’t show anything, what does this mean?  Clearly, it would mean he was travelling under a passport issued by another country.  We already know Obama’s past is somewhat “flexible” as to the truth. Is he from Kenya, as he said in his book pitch years ago? Did he have an Indonesian passport?  Four years into his presidency and we still don’t know these things.

As to his college records, after High School, Obama was accepted at Occidental College. It is an above average college, but it isn’t an Ivy league school.  For those who do not know (or don’t remember how college admissions work), a school gets an application from a potential student.  The two biggest factors on school admissions are GPA and SAT.  If a school requires an essay, no one knows if a student wrote it, but they do know the SATs and the GPA are the student’s.  We know from Obama’s book that he spent HS drinking and smoking pot.  We know the last math course he took in HS was Algebra 1.  He probably did not graduate with a 4.0, but even if he did, he would still need SATs.  SATs have two parts: Math and Verbal.  The scale is 200-800,with a mean of 500.  A score of 200 means you put your name on it and answered no questions. A score of 700-800 may get you into an elite school.  Averages for elite schools would be about 700 Math and 700 Verbal. Not having a math course past Algebra 1, would limit a student at 600 tops.  That would be a person who is a math whiz, but never went past Algebra 1.  Obviously this is unlikely.  If a student is really good at Math, he wouldn’t stop at Algebra 1.  So Obama probably got a 550 or so in SAT Math.  This would probably disqualify him from a lot of college programs, unless he got very good grades and an almost perfect verbal score.

Obama has always been goal oriented.  Occidental just seems an odd fit.  Then there is the transfer to Columbia.  He wouldn’t take SATs again; his transfer would be based exclusively on grades. Is there any evidence he had kick ass grades at Occidental. Even this probably would not have gotten him a transfer to an Ivy. Actually, there is anecdotal evidence to the contrary. Further, no Occidental professor has come forward to say that he supported Obama’s transfer to Columbia, which, I would assume would have happened by now.

All of this would be academic, if Obama applied to these schools as an “international student”.  Colleges accept student from other countries because these students provide easy money for the University.  The tradeoff is: the College admits pretty much anyone that a foreign country sends; the foreign government pays 100% of the tuition. Maybe there is something else he wants to hide.  Perhaps there is just a poorly written senior thesis (like Michelle O’s) Maybe there is a well written thesis extolling the virtue of Karl Marx.  Maybe he claims he is a Cherokee.

Whatever it is, Obama ain’t sharing. So now it’s “out there” What is he hiding.  Don’t tell me this is years ago and no one cares.  This didn’t stop The Washington Post and the New York Times from printing front page, above the fold stories about Mitt Romney’s high school antics from some 20 years earlier than Obama’s college records.

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