Liberal Nonsense Statements

Obama Jokes: " We use 20% of the world's crude oil, yet we have only 2% of the oil reserves.  We can drill on the Capital Mall, and we cannot change the price.  Those who think otherwise are math challenged."  Mr. President, you need a math lesson.  You have also said that we now produce more than half our crude. I though 1/2 of 20% is 10%, but then again, I am not the smartest Liberal around. Which is it Mr. President:  2% or 10%? I think you need some remedial math.

The president does not believe that changing supply will  decrease the price.  Yet he does believe that conservation and decreasing demand will affect price.  Mr. President, you need to go back to Economics 101.  Of course, I guess we knew that already.  Oh, and if increasing supply will not lower price, why are we asking the Saudis to pump more?

And now, for our smartest president ever: a remedial history lesson.  Obama's solution to high gas prices is to cut "subsidies" (actually deductions) for big oil.  In other words, he wants to raise their taxes.  Name once, ever, in all of recorded history, when raising taxes on the production of a product made it cost less.  Can't think of one.  That is because it NEVER HAPPENED.  So, lets punish big oil by taxing them more, so we all can pay more at the pump.  This is the Obama Plan.

If our dollar is worth more, we will pay less for crude.  How can we make our dollar worth more:  stop borrowing and printing $$.

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