Just Stop It!

George Bush’s fault

Obama asks us to give him 4 more years to do nothing, hope for change and blame Bush. I have asked this numerous times, but what did George Bush do to create the worst recovery ever?  There seems to be a lot of blame but very few specifics.  But really, what did Bush do?

Bush entered office with a recession, and 9 months later the country experienced 9/11.  I don’t recall Bush blaming anyone.  Every time a liberal says todays problem are caused by Bush, ask what he did.  I have heard a few, so let’s go through them.

“He had two wars that he didn’t pay for” I guess the liberals didn’t want to do anything after 9/11. Maybe we should have asked  Osama for an apology.  We did ask the Taliban to turn over Osama, but they refused. Maybe we didn’t apologize first.  All the liberals voted for the invasion of Afghanistan.  Remember, Bush, unlike Obama, followed that pesky constitutional provision and asked for the consent of the Senate. 

Then we invaded Iraq.  Democrats voted for this too.  Bush described Iraq as part of the access of evil along with Iran and North Korea.  There were liberals who were critical of this.  Do you recall the refrain: “Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. This is like after Pearl Harbor declaring was on Canada”. There would then be mindless liberal chortling about how Bush obviously doesn’t know geography. (More derisive laughter).  Of course, these genius liberal don’t remember history.  The day after Pearl Harbor, FDR sought and received from Congress, a declaration of war against Japan and guess who?  Must have been a mistake.  That dope FDR must not have known anything about geography, because there was also a declaration of war against a country half way across the globe from Japan:  You remember, not Canada, but Hitler’s Germany.  Hitler didn’t have anything to do with Pearl Harbor.

The world is a better place without Hitler and Saddam.

What did Bush do about the economy that was so evil? Bush had a stimulus.  He lowered taxes.  He lowered taxes for everyone.  He gave every tax payer a payment.  Guess what, unlike Obama, Bush’s stimulus worked.  Remember the liberals complaining about 5.5% unemployment:  how quaint!  This was after a recession and a massive shock to the economy from 9/11.

Obama mentioned the Medicare prescription benefits as another problem that Bush created.  If this is such a problem, why didn’t Obama repeal it?  Because he likes it. Conservatives complain about it, but not liberals.

So what really caused the collapse in 2008?  The housing market.  Did Bush create this? Hardly.  There were a lot of fingers in that pot, but the bush Whitehouse had been warning congressional overseers about Fannie and Freddie.  What did Barney Frank and Chris Dodd do? Nothing.  They said everything was fine.  Bush had a democrat congress back them.  But like most grownups he didn’t spend all his time complaining and blaming.

So what is the problem that Bush caused?  Liberals will tell you that the Bush tax cuts caused the deficit.  I think I will print up a revenue graph to carry at all times that shows how revenue increased after the tax cuts.  I would suggest that every conservative commentator carry one to pull out when a democrat talking head says this.  If there is more revenue after an action, then how can that cause debt to increase.  If you are in debt, and get a raise, but continue to get further in debt, do you ask that your raise be rescinded to help your deficit?  No, you cut spending, idiot!

Obama just has this maniacal desire to raise taxes on the rich.  This is his solution to everything.  This tax would create 4.5 billion a year.  (That is if a tax does not change behavior, which it always does). This is much less than the federal government’s “boondoggle budget”, or the worthless green energy initiatives. Why don’t we stop giving cell phones to people on welfare, which will costs 3.3 billion (If the estimate is correct, which it never  is).  If we could have some growth, we wouldn’t have to worry about revenues.  But we cannot have growth with Obama.  I think after 4 years we already know that.

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