How to Weaken America

If there were foreign bad guys hoping that America would be weaker, what sort of things would they hope for?  What do our enemies (and our competitors) want for America?

First, a weaker military. Those desiring weakness will want us to be unable to respond to world problems.  The ability of foreign dictators to do whatever they want without response from America makes the rogue nations stronger:  fewer soldiers for us, fewer ships, fewer airplanes, less ability to stop the bad actors of the world.  This one is simple to accomplish, just have US leaders spend less money on military preparedness and military technology.

A weaker economy.  If American companies move business from our shores, America and Americans, make less money.  There will be less employment, less wealth, less prosperity. This can be accomplished by making it more difficult to do business here.  Higher taxes here lower taxes elsewhere, makes investment and jobs go to those counties more favorable. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world and “for fairness” some want to raise our capital gains taxes for long term investment.   More regulation here and less elsewhere does the same things.  If this is true in Wisconsin and Illinois, where Wisconsin has cut taxes and slowed bad laws for business and has had a surge in employment,  it is true in America vs. Hong Kong.  If America discourages investment, business, wealth, while other countries encourage private economic activity, we will become poorer and weaker.

A poorer America.  If America exports its wealth, by taxing Americans and sending the money abroad, America becomes financially weaker at the expense of other countries. If we decide by some treaty, to tax ourselves, because we are evil, and give it to other countries, we have less money, they have more.  This is the idea behind the Rio Summit presently before the UN.  Take money from America and give it to petty dictators and warlords.

A dependent America.  Foreign powers will want us to be dependent on them for some necessary resource.  We can then be held hostage by much weaker countries.  These are countries that do not have our best interests at heart.  Even if they are our allies, they have their own best interests to consider and not ours.  This sounds familiar.  Even though we sit atop resources that can provide our power needs, let’s ignore it.  Let’s import our power.  To be weaker, we should unilaterally disarm our economic power.

 An invasion.  Having foreign armies take over parts of the US, we will cede areas of our country to foreign governments.  Our police powers will be weakened, our resources will be compromised, and money will flow out of the US.  Of course, no foreign power can send one or two million soldiers here; but they can do it one person at a time.

Support dissention at home.  If we support the rabble complaining about wealth, capitalism and success, and if we can get broad segments of society to support this, we can make more bad laws, more bad regulation and make it harder to do business here.  If we can support racial animus, fan the flames of race warfare, and support class envy and warfare, we can significant weaken America.

Allowing foreign counties to dictate what America can do.  We lose our sovereignty, others countries gain power over us.

Obviously these things can happen by design or by stupidity.  God, I am sounding like Glen Beck.  It must just be left wing lunacy.

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