Obama has been searching for a new campaign slogan.  Obviously he can no longer use "Hope and Change" or "Change we can believe in".  He and his brain trust have come up with the slogan "Forward".  Not only is that stupid, it has a venerable history.

Forward has been used by the Socialist Worker's movement, Marxists, Commies, and other undesirables for a hundred years.  It is almost as common as the words "proletariat", "reserve army of the unemployed" or "fellow travelers" in the world of Marxist literature.  It has been the masthead of socialist newspapers world wide.

If it is still up, go to Wikipedia and look at "Forward"  scroll down to "political" and if it is still there, read about the use of "Forward".  Wikipedia is thinking about pulling that section. So check it out fast before the Obama minions of free speech have it pulled.
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