Affirmative Action

Elizabeth Warren has taught us all how to get rid of Affirmative Action.  No more benefits for minorities.  No more preferential treatment for the racially challenged by our mean white society.  For those of you who have not followed this story, Senate Democrat candidate E. Warren (Maybe we can call her "Crazy Horse" Warren) has obtained all sorts of preferential treatment over the years because of her "heritage".  "Crazy Horse" taught at Harvard Law, even though she graduated from a State Law School.  Probably the main reason was her minority heritage.

You see, "Crazy Horse" Warren has claimed to be  Native American.  She is from Oklahoma.  Must be a Cherokee!  Oh, and her grandfather, according to "Crazy Horse" had high cheekbones.

So now we know how to get rid of Affirmative Action:  We can all be some minority by merely claiming to be so.  How can anyone ever discriminate against any of us since we can all be African American, or Native, or Pacific Islander.  Viola!  No more reason for Affirmative Action because all of us can be a minority.  Lost your job: your employer is discriminating against you because you are (check one) Native, Black, Arab, or Eskimo.  Not hired, maybe it is your cheekbones.  Let's get the Justice Department involved.

I am from Oklahoma.  I must be Native.  I am kinda dark. I must be part African American.  Think of all the opportunities I have missed over the years, simply because I was not creative enough to claim (or lie) about being a disadvantaged minority. 

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