A Very Tiny Man

Who is at fault?

Obama is yet again blaming Bush. According to Obama: “ It is like someone ordered an expensive dinner and left me with the bill”.  Along these lines, there are some more lines I can suggest to President Oblama.

Looking at the drivers of the debt, there are lots of other people at the table who gave us plans that are now causing debt.  Medicare is a big debt driver.  That is LBJs fault. Obama didn’t do it; LBJ did.  He ordered that steak and stuck poor Obama with the bill.  Then there is social security.  It is under water and growing worse.  Who did this to poor Barry O?  It was FDR.  FDR set up this program and didn’t pay for it.  In both the case of SSI and Medicare, there are other evil players.  The medical community that caused us to live longer: that caused more costs that poor Barry can’t pay for.

Medicaid:  That’s another one for LBJ.

The military is expensive.  Obama didn’t start that.  That was George Washington.  Look at the military we have now.  Did Washington pay for it?  The Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor; that caused the military to grow.  It is their fault. Obama says Bush gave us two wars he didn’t pay for.  That was because Osama attacked us.  Obama cannot blame Radical Islam; after all, that was a man-made disaster.  According to Obama mentor, Rev. Wright, that is our fault too, although I am not sure exactly who.  Maybe be Bill Clinton.

Ronald Reagan started cutting taxes in the 80s. If he hadn’t reduced rates governments would have plenty of money to create more good government jobs (and no private sector jobs).  Everyone in America could now be a teacher, policeman or fireman, if Reagan had not cut taxes.

Obama is burdened with the cost of the census.  The founding fathers ordered that function, but are now sticking Obama with the tab.  There are other constitutional requirements that were not Obama’s idea:  the courts, congress, national defense, the entire legislative branch.   Some old fogies 200 years ago stuck Obama with these bills.  See Obama really is the stingiest president.  All spending is someone else’s fault.

A couple of day ago I heard a tape of Ronald Reagan telling Gorbachev to “tear down the wall”.  I thought about Reagan.  Higher unemployment than Obama faced, much higher interest rates and inflation. Reagan had a democrat congress too.  Reagan didn’t complain.  He worked with congress (what a concept).  Reagan created great growth, and he ended the evil empire. I thought of all the things presidents have faced: 9/11, the Iraq invasion of Kuwait, putting a man on the moon, the Cuban Missile Crisis.  All of these things are the times that try men’s souls.  Presidents respond.  Reagan was a great man.  Obama is a very tiny man.

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