AZs New Problem

A little more bad news for Arizona

Now that Arizona has the welcome mat out for Mexican drug cartels, and a lack of enforcement from the Obama administration, there are more problems.  Up until now, we could at least somewhat count on Mexican authorities to fight the bad guys.  Guess again.  Mexico has an election too.  By the time you read this Pena Nieto of PRI will have won.  Aside from being part of the corrupt PRI political machine, the new president will have been elected because of his  stance on the war on the drug cartels.  Mexico will declare defeat, withdraw their troops and move out.  The federal law enforcement is the only law enforcement in northern Mexico.  Even before this, no one would become a prosecutor or a police officer in Sonora for fear of ending up swinging from a bridge or beheaded in the desert.  The northern states of Mexico will be effectively ceded to the cartels.  This is perfect timing to correspond to Obama’s surrender of southern Arizona to the cartels.  (See Obama's Welcome Mat on this site)

Now it is being reported that in a new Border Patrol training video, the agent is not to engage armed bad guys.  Instead, they are to run away and hide or wait for law enforcement assistance.  Since the feds will not respond to Arizona law enforcement when they stop a possible illegal, why should Arizona law enforcement respond to help the feds.  In any event, apparently, the federal government, like the Mexican government, is giving up on the war against drug cartels.

So here is where we are.  The Obama administration arms the cartels.  Then denies Arizona law enforcement the power to detain them, will not confront them, and then Mexico decides to surrender to them.

The only thing we need to figure out now is what to call this new state that comprises Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties in Arizona and into Sonora, Mexico.  Maybe “de drogas de la tierra”,   or maybe just “la despoblada”.

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